Frequently Asked Questions


I have received confirmation that my order has been sent. How long will it be until I get it?
If you are in the Netherlands: 3 working days after confirmation that your order has been sent. Europe: 7 working days after confirmation. USA and Canada: 15 working days after confirmation. Rest of the world: 20 working days after confirmation.

Priority shipping

How quickly will I get my order if I choose priority delivery?
In practice, this halves the average number of working days until delivery. In our webshop that means that delivery takes 4 instead of 7 working days to other countries in Europe, 8 instead of 15 working days to addresses in the USA and Canada, and 10 instead of 20 working days to all other countries.
Are these delivery times guaranteed?
No, we cannot guarantee anything because we are dependent on dozens of local postal services all over the world. But in practice it is certainly worth doing.


What DVD system do I have?
If you look just under the title of your DVD, it will always say what system it is for. Some of our DVDs can only be used on one system. Make sure you only order these products if you know for sure that your equipment can play them. A few of our products are available in different versions for all systems. In that case, you will automatically see in the webshop the right version for your country. If you would like to order the other systems, than you can select that product that is shown at related products.
What system do I need?
The instructions for your DVD player should tell you what system the equipment uses. Many newer PAL appliances also support NTSC. Unfortunately, the other way around is still very rare. So always make sure you check first!


I would like to go to an André Rieu concert. How can I find out when and where he is performing?
On our 'calendar' or ‘ticket’ page you can see all the concerts you can buy tickets for. You can also find information on where to order tickets. Unfortunately you cannot order tickets through the helpdesk.
I would like André Rieu’s signature! How can I get one?
André sometimes gives signatures after concerts.
I’ve forgotten my password. What can I do?
You can click on ‘Forgot your password’ during the ordering process or under ‘Member’. Then fill in your e-mail address and we will send you a new password.

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