André Rieu & Friends (Maastricht VII)

André Rieu & Friends (Maastricht VII)

For me, making music means making people happy with music. When I go on stage and see all those faces before me in the concert hall, full of anticipation of what is to come, I can already feel my enjoyment of all the lovely melodies we are going to play that evening.

But making music is something else as well. It is also bringing people together and giving people the opportunity to experience something together. After these evenings the audience go home with the feeling that they’ve made friends with each other. That is the enormous power of music. And that doesn’t only apply to the people in the concert hall. We, the musicians on the stage, also feel it. If you make music together, it brings you closer. You are listening to each other, responding to each other and you are trying to get the very best from yourself and the others too. Honestly, for me there is nothing more beautiful in life than making music with and for friends!

This evening in Maastricht with ‘friends’ from all over the world, both on stage and in front of us on the square, was one of the most beautiful I have ever experienced.

With love,

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