André Rieu Program "Amore" NEW Beautiful program "Amore" filled with magnificent pictures! In English, German and French.
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Maastricht 2017 Program André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra Beautiful 2017 Maastricht program filled with magnificent pictures!
Program "Falling in Love" Beautiful program "Falling in Love" filled with magnificent pictures! In English and German.
André Rieu, Miene meziek, mie leve Of course, as an André Rieu fan, you will know that he is tremendously proud of his native city of Maastricht. And not only because he thinks that Maastricht is such a beautiful and cosy city. Maastricht is also a city steeped in history and a rich culture. It lies exactly between Germany and French-speaking Belgium, so that not only does it have an international character, but it even has its own language: a beautiful language, with partially German sounds, and on the other hand the vocabulary and melodiousness of French. If you have ever been to one of André's concerts at the Vrijthof, then you will know that he always plays the Maastricht anthem and ‘Mestreech is neet breit meh laank’ (Maastricht is not wide but Maastricht is long), and that both songs are sung along with gusto in the Maastricht dialect. André's biography, written lovingly and humorously by his wife Marjorie, has now also been translated into the Maastricht dialect. As a real fan, you will of course want to get to know André's mother tongue. This book offers you a unique opportunity to do just that. André Rieu, Miene meziek, mie leve.
André Rieu, my music, my life Good news for all fans! The biography of André, ‘My Music, My Life’, with over eighty photos from his private albums, has recently been published in a revised edition published in English and Dutch, and has also now been translated into Spanish and Portuguese! The German version remains unchanged. ‘My Music, My Life’ is the story of André’s life from his birth until his big breakthrough with the Johann Strauss Orchestra. What was André like as a little boy? And later, as a student? Did he fall in love often? When did he start playing the violin? Did he enjoy learning the violin? What kind of a family did he grow up in? How did he get to know his wife Marjorie? Was it love at first sight? How difficult was it to set up an orchestra of his own? Did he have immediate success? You can find out all this, together with more about the exciting life of your idol André Rieu in this biography, written with much love and humour by his wife Marjorie.
Dreams come true Do you sometimes dream of visiting André too? Have you always wanted to know what your idol is really like at home, in his own life? How he lives in his castle? Is it beautifully furnished and decorated? What does his kitchen look like, and his living room? And do you sometimes wonder what it’s like at his rehearsals? What’s the orchestra like, what do the singers do when they’re not standing on the stage? How does André treat them? What does André do during the day if he’s got a concert in the evening? What sort of things go on, on days like that? Who does the make-up and the hair for the female orchestra players? You can find the answers to all these questions in this exciting and fun book all about André – the second book about him written by his wife Marjorie. It is a luxury bound edition with lots of gorgeous photos. Real fans will want to be sure this beautiful book is in their collection.
Maastricht 2016 Program André Rieu & The Johann Strauss Orchestra Beautiful 2016 Maastricht program filled with magnificent pictures!

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